ElectroMobility Poland SA (Shareholder)

ElectroMobility Poland SA was established in October 2016 at the initiative of four Polish power companies – PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA, Energa SA, Enea SA and Tauron Polska Energia SA. Each of them took over 25% of the share capital, thus obtaining 25% of votes at the general meeting of shareholders.

Company Management:

Management of ElectroMobility Poland SA:
Piotr Zaremba – President of the Management Board

Supervisory Board of ElectroMobility Poland SA:
Piotr Daniel Moncarz – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jacek Czak – Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Bartłomiej Nowak – Member of the Supervisory Board
Aleksander Wilski – Member of the Supervisory Board
 Maciej Wiatrak – Member of the Supervisory Board

Mission and activities of the company 

The mission of ElectroMobility Poland SA is to lead Poland into the era of electromobility. There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the future of the automotive sector, and the electric car market is currently in a phase of intensive growth. Therefore, ElectroMobility Poland company is already aiming at ensuring the conditions for the development of this sector and the fullest possible use of the related potential.

Promoting electromobility in Poland is one of the major pillars of the Company’s activities, which is why ElectroMobility Poland held a competition to design the look of the body of a Polish electric car. Young, creative designers were invited to participate in this contest. Works submitted to the contest and the commitment of the designers allowed not only for the popularisation of e-mobility, but also to explore the potential of the domestic design market.

The Company’s activities, thus far, have made it possible to assess the manufacturing, professional and business potential of the entities functioning in the Polish market. The key objective of ElectroMobility Poland is developing a vehicle satisfying the needs and expectations of drivers, taking into account market trends, as well as developed with the maximum involvement of the technical know-how of Polish engineers. To this end, an in-depth review was carried out in order to analyse the possibility to entrust works on the project to domestic entities that would guarantee the appropriate quality of the final product, and broad expertise during the project implementation.

Based on the analysis, it was decided that some processes may involve international partnerships, and cooperation with internationally qualified entities is being considered. One of the most important processes currently being carried out at the Company includes technical works conducted by a team of experienced specialists. ElectroMobility  Poland will endeavour to build a modern vehicle, which will at the same time be a step towards promoting electromobility and a chance to revive the Polish automotive sector.

ElectroMobility Poland also actively supports educational activities aimed at increasing the general awareness of Poles when it comes to various aspects of electromobility, and this web portal reflects these attempts.

Consequently, the Company’s overall activities are not only a response to major social and technology trends, but they also provide an opportunity for the development of Polish industry and science that might boost the development of the entire economy.

District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw,
XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
KRS No.: 0000651242
NIP: 701-063-92-62
Region: 366027550
Share capital: PLN 70,000,000,000. Paid-up capital: 70 000 000 PLN.