Manager Platform

We invite the experienced Manager within the EV Platforms development, who wants to join the mission to create a new Automotive Brand, developing some of the most exciting cars.

Key tasks:

  • Managing the Platform Team (HV Powertrain, Chassis, HVAC) and interfacing to the other functions, especially performance integration and geometric integration
  • Supervision of the HV Powertrain, Chassis and HVAC development and integration
  • Supervision of the integration of platform supply scope and (self-developed and carry-over) localized components in the areas of HV powertrain, chassis and thermal system
  • Active support of the localization process from the decision to execution

Required experience and qualifications:

  • Several years of professional experience in the field of the vehicle integration or component development
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in management positions in the field of automotive engineering
  • Experience in the supplier management, technical negotiations and project implementation
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of all the systems included in the Platform Engineering (HV Powertrain, Chassis, HVAC)
  • A broad understanding of the new product introduction process within the OEM’s organization
  • Higher technical education required, preferably M.Sc. of the electrical or mechanical engineering
  • Full proficiency in communication in English

We offer:

  • Opportunity to influence and create a unique Polish project of international scale
  • Cooperation with professionals in an environment of a dynamic startup
  • Full time employment in highly experienced & qualified team in a hybrid system.
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