About Mission Electromobility project

Mission Electromobility (Misja Elektromobilność) portal was created by ElectroMobility Poland SA in order to disseminate and popularise knowledge in the area of electromobility. The website presents original articles and studies on electromobility, as well as the benefits resulting from the implementation of more environmentally friendly forms of mobility. The website enables all persons interested in electromobility to find the most important information, in an accessible form, in one place.

Electromobility is not only a sector that is developing more and more dynamically around the world, but also a trend that is the result of increased public awareness. The importance of electrified transport is evidenced by the ever-burgeoning range of electric car models offered by automotive companies, the popularity of electric cars among customers, and the legal changes that promote more environmentally friendly solutions.

One of the impulses to popularize electric transport in Poland was the entry into force of the Act on electromobility and alternative fuels at the beginning of 2018, which substantially benefits the owners of electric vehicles. Similar legislative solutions have been implemented in many countries of Europe and the world as a way to challenge air pollution and noise, which negatively affect the health and comfort of life of urban residents.