About Mission Electromobility project

Mission Electromobility (Misja Elektromobilność) portal was created by ElectroMobility Poland SA in order to disseminate and broadcast knowledge in area of electromobility. The website presents original articles and studies on electromobility, as well as the benefits resulting from the implementation of more environmentally friendly forms of mobility. The web portal enables all persons interested in electromobility to find the most important information, in an accessible form, in one place.

Electromobility is not just a sector growing dynamically all over the world, but also a trend resulting from increased social awareness. The significance of electromobility is evidenced by the constantly expanding range of models of automotive companies which offer a growing number of electric cars, increased user interest, as well as amendments to the legislation, promoting more environmentally friendly solutions. The Act on electromobility and alternative fuels implemented at the beginning of 2018, providing for actual concessions for owners of electric cars, is one of the factors behind the growing popularity of electromobility in Poland. Similar legislative solutions were implemented in many countries in Europe and all over the world in order to fight air pollution and noise, which have a negative impact on the health and comfort of life of people living in urban areas.

In order to meet the expectations of drivers and of the modern automotive market, ElectroMobility Poland company is currently working on starting production of the first national electric car. The development of the first Polish electric car is the unique and pioneering project, creating an opportunity to develop a car model tailored to the needs of Polish customers, in terms of price, accessories and parameters, being an attractive alternative to vehicles available in our country. It is also an opportunity to gain a strong position in the developing European electromobility market.

At present, Poland is the largest internal market in Europe without a national car brand, but with dynamic and constantly growing sales. At the same time, numerous researches show that drivers are interested in the revival of the Polish automotive sector. It is difficult to imagine France without Renault, Italy without Fiat or Germany without Volkswagen. Therefore there are no reasons not to think of Poland and our national car brand in the same way in the future.