Why is the Polish brand of electric cars needed?

Poland is entering the era of the electromobility revolution, and the expected change in the automotive market might rapidly progress. The transformation of the automotive market is inevitable. At present, a market challenge for standards, solutions and the division of emerging market is taking place. It is important that Polish companies and Polish economy should benefit from this unique opportunity that is offered by electric motorization.

Is Poland ready for electromobility?

Although the absolute numbers are not impressive at first sight, electromobility in Poland has been consistently developing for the last several years. The number of cars and charging stations is increasing, the popularity of this type of vehicles is growing, new kinds of services, such as electric carsharing are emerging, energy companies are developing new business models based on electromobility and are testing new technological solutions. Experts agree that in the coming years electric transport will also revolutionize the Polish car market.

Electromobility is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of the technology and business sectors and is inspiring an increasing number of consumers, while paving the way for further development of the global motor industry. 

Electric cars, which now are believed to be expensive and impractical, will become more and more affordable. According to independent analytical companies, the maintenance cost of an electric car (TCO) will be lower than the cost of a comparable combustion car by 2022. Electromobility is supported by the policy of automotive concerns which massively develop and launch electric cars onto the market and also invest in research and technology development – most of all in improving platforms and batteries for electric cars.

Independent companies (start-ups), which are working on starting production and launching their cars, have spotted the opportunity to enter the electric automotive market. Examples of such companies as Byton, Nio, Lucid and Turkish TOGG show that in the modern world it is not only large companies that can produce cars.

Poland has great potential to create a new automotive brand

Poland is the largest European sales market for new automobiles which does not have its homegrown automotive brand. This demonstrates an enormous potential of the internal market, and the experience of other countries confirms that homegrown products have a considerable impact on the shaping of the market. The emergence and development of the Polish car brand can contribute to the development of the Polish manufacturers of automotive parts and components and their promotion in the hierarchy of suppliers for the automotive industry, thereby increasing their turnover. A homegrown car manufacturer means that research and development funds will be spent more effectively on the projects that can be launched onto the market. Electromobility creates opportunities for development not only for companies in the automotive industry but also for electricity, ICT and mechanical industries. Low levels of industrialization are the weak point of the Polish R&D sector.

The automotive sector is the second-largest industrial sector in the country. Polish companies that operate in this sector are valued in Europe, have appropriate experience and expertise to constitute an important link in the supply chain and in the production of the Polish electric car. The development of the Polish electric car project supports the growth of the automotive industry, and at the same time provides an opportunity to create a new branch of economy, a new Polish specialised brand that is based on proprietary solution, which can compete on the global market.

The energy sector will benefit from electromobility

Electromobility provides a great opportunity for Poland’s energy transformation. The possibility of the secondary use of electric batteries for energy storage and so-called smart grids is an essential element  stabilizing the energy system. These solutions also interact with the growing role of renewable energy sources in the energy mix. The increasing demand for electricity – connected with the increasing number of electric cars – creates the possibility for using an excess of electricity by charging cars at night – during the so-called night valley and return of energy to the grid when there is a greater demand for it.

The electromobile revolution will strengthen Polish energy security

Enhancing the popularity of electric cars also secures a national independence from imported oil or investing in so-called clean energy obtained from renewable sources. The development of the Polish electric car project is a part of the strategy of the Polish energy companies and the expectations of customers – electricity consumers. This project is also an essential part of the changing structure of energy production in Poland.

Today, the creation of the Polish brand of electric cars can benefit everyone: drivers, large companies, entrepreneurs and the Polish state, among others. As regards the justification of the investment in the project, the question should not be whether we can afford to invest in such an enterprise, but whether we can afford to abandon the efforts to create it.